Hosting, Domain Name, URL What Is It?


When speaking with a website designer you will often hear the words, hosting, domain name or url and as a website designer I’m am guilty¬† I’m going to try and explain this in what may be considered a strange way but bear with me. Ok here is is, your website is like your home, all your important information is inside your house, everything you’ve worked for is in there. Now in order for your home to exist so people can find it it has to have a piece of land to sit on, that would be your hosting company or the piece of land your house sits on. Without it your house doesn’t exist, it’s the solid place your home sits. You have to have hosting, every website does. Now in order for people to find you once you have a website (home) and hosting (piece of land) you need an address to send people to.¬† Your domain name is your address. It’s the www name that people find you at. is an example. You have to have an address (domain name) for people to find you on your land (hosting) in your home (website). Your domain name is ofter referred to as your url, same thing as your domain name.

So now you know. Ready to build your home?

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