Are you using that Free site you have?

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a site that can shoot you right up on the pages of Google and the best part, IT’S FREE. What! yes it’s free. Google Places is the place you want to be. Here’s what Google says about Google Places.

“97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google.”

So here’s what you need to know, it’s super easy. Go to Google Places, sign up! Then start filling in all the information, the more you fill out the better. One of the good things about having this site is ratings, if you have a brick and mortar store/business you can ask for reviews from your customers which is also a great way to get hits from Google. Did you know Siri uses ratings type sites to recommend places.

Don’t have a local business, you can specify a service area and hide your actual business address, for those of us who work from home.

Using Google Places will also help you to learn what people are using in search engines to find you, this can come in handy when you are optimizing your site for search engines.

Not on Google Places, don’t want to hassle with it, we can help, hire us to do it for you, it’s a quick affordable solution. Call today, 567-202-0054 or email Erin

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When The Technology Becomes Too Much for You


I work with a lot of Realtors and I love them to death but I’ve noticed some of the older more experienced agents now spend more time complaining about all the new technology and how it’s a waste of time. Well most of us know it doesn’t work that way, progress is progress you can’t stop it by digging your heels in and saying this isn’t going to fly, all that makes you do is look like someone who is out of touch and cannot follow current trends. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to learn yet another technology nothing wrong if you want to suddenly find yourself getting less and less business. Some would say it’s time to retire but here is another option. Partner Up.

There are so many up and comers who need a mentor for their business, they know the technology but the business is new. Why not team up and work together. Sure you make less money, but you’ll make money rather than lose out yet again because you don’t Facebook or text. It seems like a win win, you help guide them to be the best in the business and they assist you and take some of the heat off.

What do you think?


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