aka Toledo Webdesign, in case you got here from that domain name. I hope you’ll take the time to explore this site as more and more content is added. You’ll notice as it develops it is sometimes geared towards Realtors, that’s only because I work with so many and have the utmost respect for what they do. Anything I can do to help enhance what they do I’m all for it. In case you might be wondering, it’s pronounced Irish Eyes Website Design Services, it was the ’90′s I thought it was cute, after awhile it just kind of stuck.

Back in the 90′s when I started in this business all there was, was coded websites not something that everyone can do, but now WordPress sites are the way to go. I remember years ago clients wanted a great site but then they wanted to update it themselves, it just wasn’t possible. Now it is, once your website is set up, with a little training a client can update their own sites.

Call today if you would like to talk about a WordPress site for your business, 567-202-0054 or email us at erin@irishis.com